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Welcome - Very Important!

Everything you need to know is right here! It is very important for you to read the rules and the descriptions of the folders so you know how submitting goes about!

:bulletred:If you'd like to suggest a new folder idea just give us a message!

:bulletyellow:Be PATIENT with us. We all have lives outside of deviantart, but we try our best. This is very fast growing group and it's hard to keep control sometimes.

:bulletblue:You are automatically admitted to the group when you join, so no need to thank us!

:star: Rules :star:
:bulletred: 1 photo per day (Contributors and Co-Founders can submit 10. They still have to be accepted though!)
:bulletorange: Choose the correct folder for your photo or it will be denied and you'll have to submit it to the right folder that you are told. (I understand if sometimes you just didn't know which one to put it in)
:bulletyellow: DO NOT resubmit a denied photo unless told otherwise to do so!
:bulletgreen: Your photo should be good (I never said great) quality. i.e not blurred, pixely, grainy, not too small, etc (Unless obviously intentional)
:bulletblue: I know people will be mad for this one, but no mature content please.
:bulletpurple: No photo manipulation! Unless it is double exposure or layering (Cosplay is usually okay with it, like if you want to add some kind of bending on an A:TLA picture, etc. or putting what the cosplay is from on the photo) This includes putting a quote, unnatural bokeh, multiple pictures put together, borders (unless they're very small, have the name of the picture on them, or is done to look like wide screen), or anything like these!
:bulletpink: If you have multiples of one picture, choose ONE to submit or I will pick one of them and deny all the rest.
:bulletwhite: Be nice! Don't hate on people's work please! This is a friendly place for all photography!
:bulletblack: Just be creative :heart:


Have a question about where you should put a photo? Look here first!

Abstract and Surreal - Things that don't look like some kind of objects, artistically blurred or distorted (done while taking the photo usually) photos of lights or other things, and anything else you think belongs in that odd little category.
Animals - Self explanatory except no insects! Those belong in the Insect category!
Architecture - The main focus is a part of a building or the whole building its self. Statuses of all kinds go here as well.
Conceptual - Anything that has a big meaning behind. Maybe not big, but some kind of meaning as to why you named it what you did, why you took it, etc.
Cosplay - People dressed up in any kind of costumes.
Double Exposure and Layering - THIS IS NOT A LONG EXPOSURE FOLDER. Double exposure is usually done with film. There are ways to do it with layering to have the same effect though. That is allowed. Pictures of people looking as if they are 'floating' are also allowed. As long as it is not heavily photo shopped/edit (look in the rules for what is not allowed) you can put layering pictures here. Please ask if you are not sure about a photo!
Insects - Sell explanatory. All types of bugs go here, even if taken in macro.
Macros and Close Ups - Self explanatory, photos taken in Macro mode. Any kind of Macro can go in here except of insects.
Nature - No animals or bugs. Anything else of nature is allowed. Sometimes certain landscapes should go into Rural.
Portraits - Picture of people done in photo shoots, for fun, etc. Usually you know the person that you have taken a photo of, or at least spoken to them.
Photojournalism - Events and gatherings go here. People at these events will always go in here. People out in public doing their daily life activities go here as well.
Rural - Pictures of rural and country life go here, along with photos of rural landscapes.
Still Life - Sell explanatory. Objects that don't move unless it is a Macro, then it should be in Macro.
Transportation - Cars, boats, trains, etc. Anything that gets you from one place to another, even if it doesn't work.
Urban - Pictures of cities and towns and urban life.
Other - Photos that do not fit in any of the other categories.


At :icondahub: you can get points for giving people llamas, favs, and watches. If you need points its a good place to go!

Gallery Folders

Reaching Galata by T-20-A-20
Harz Mountains, Germany by hessbeck-fotografix
Soaring Between Skies by xcscientist
Where Do The Fairies Live? by heletek
Too bad you don't look at the folders
Abstract and Surreal
The Heat Wave by FrkyMaximus
Autumn's depth by sheapofdestruction
Light - Shadow by WillTC
'Windswept' 2017 by gobletoflavender
Sleeping Cat by Dollykissable
Silverback by WildgoosePhotography
saturday everyday by MyosotisPhoto
Spontaneity itself by WindNayade
Tatlin@UEA by Coigach
The City by StefaniaDL
Snake II - Street art by lyyy971
DIv by StrongPhototography
Roman compassion by tokatun
Forgotten by Battle-for-the-Sun
Motionless by Battle-for-the-Sun
Rotten Emotions by Battle-for-the-Sun
Possession by Kimi-Kiiro
Black and white by 1M4W1NN3R
Direction by Volvoxball
Triss Merigold - The Witcher III by ImNotMizu
Double Exposure and Layering - NOT LONG EXPOSURE
Blended by Garaladin
The Irreparable Curiosity - briar rose by CorneliaGillmann
Anatomy of Sadness by Battle-for-the-Sun
The Monster Inside by BengalTiger4
Disclosure by StrongPhototography
Damselfly by MilenaKalias
Black Swallow Tail by isischneider
Cercopis sanguinolenta by Utgardar
Macros and Close Ups
Time: front and back by AlejandroCastillo
Rose droplets by Daggles67
Agapanthus by chrvstvne
pink wild rose by KittyPersonSama13535
Nature 2
Sin by StrongPhototography
Nature - FULL
Solace by B-Skipper
Linda by YinHeYang
self dedication in Shinjuku by Rikitza
A Walk by the Canal by SparrowHawk135
Still Life
Seal by StrongPhototography
2016 Ford Mustang GT by Wild-Photography-101
Abandoned roses by Lady-Penny-Lane
Books in a pipe by Myosotispuella
Spring Time Contest 2014
Spring moth by badboyslim
:heart: Hello everyone! :heart:
I hope everyone is doing well and taking lots of photos! I am so sorry that I have not been as active as I wished and have not done contests for this group (except for the one) like I had planned. I had a lot planned for this group when I started it my senior year of high school. But that doesn't mean I can't start doing that now!

I am so proud of how this group has grown in the past 5 years! It's amazing to see how it's still active, even without doing contests and making regular posts. But I hope to change that now! I am no longer as busy as I used to be (although still very busy). I don't have school to be in my way, now it's just work and most of the time I can get online while at work.

:heart: First things first though. It came to my attention that photos were being denied even though they went along with all of the rules. I made this group 5 years ago because other groups would decline photos based off if they liked the photo or not, even if it was a group for beginners. I wanted this group to be freer. I wanted a place for all photographers out there, new and experienced. I was a novice when I made this group and now I have my own business for photography. It's amazing what a few years can do for you.

That being said, I wanted to apologize for this happening. I never wanted this group to decline photos just because we might not like them, no matter the reasoning behind it. As long as you follow the rules of the group, you are good to go. I also apologize for not being as active as I wish I wash. Even though I'm not as busy as I used to be, I'm still busy. When I get on I will accept a few photos and be on my way because I have something else to do. But I make sure I am overseeing everything that I can. I go through submissions to make sure everything that got accepted is good. But I can't go through declined photos, so I don't see everything.

:heart: In other news, I am looking for new co-founders and contributors. Co-founders help me with submissions and are a big part of helping this group run. If you would like to be a Co-founder, please send me a note stating why you are interested and what you think you could bring to our team. Please also send me a few of your favorite photos in your gallery. Being a photographer is the biggest component for you to become a co-founder. I will ask a few follow-up questions and you will be considered for the part. I'm still trying to figure out just how many co-founders I need.

Also! If you'd liked to be a contributor, please go to the page and click where you joined the group. You can ask to join as a contributor. I will review your submission and might ask you a few questions. You can leave a comment on why you'd like to become a contributor if you'd like. I also ask that you have plenty of photos to show what you do as a photographer in your gallery, that way I know you will be contributing many pictures to our galleries! You still have to follow our rules, but you'll be one of our main contributors and be able to submit more photos!

:heart: And last but not least, I want to hold a contest for the group that way we can get back into the swing of things. I was thinking of doing a Autumn themed contest, much like the Spring contest I held a few years ago. It would run for at least a month, so that means into November! Please let me know what you'd think of a contest and if you have any contest ideas of your own!

Thank you all for being a part of this evergrowing group. It couldn't be the way it is if it weren't for you!

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If you'd like to become a Contributor please message us!










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